2018 Spring Issue HV Mfg Magazine

HVMFG 2018 Spring Issue cover

Cover: Andre Santa from Eastern Alloys shows us the preheating process for their aluminum sows. This helps to remove excess moisture from the sows prior to being charged (added to furnace) for the primary production process.

Cover photo by Tom LeBarbera/Picture This Studios

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Contents: Spring 2018 Issue

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3 | Table of Contents »
Table of contents with hyperlinks to all articles.

5 | Letter from the Executive Vice President »
Persistent Progress.

7 | Manufacturing News Briefs »
Policy Priorities for Manufacturers.

12 | Workforce Development »
Collaborative Recruiting.

19 | A Future with Vision »
A sit-down with Aaron Hopmayer, Pine Bush High School.

25 | Emerging Leaders »
Andre Santa from Eastern Alloys.

29 | Manufacturing a Little Sweetness »
EFCO Products focuses on the sweeter things.

34 | The Neuroscience Revolution »
Capturing the public’s imagination.

38 | Captive Audience »
Commercial Insurance Marketplace.

43 | Membership Directory »
A current listing of Council of Industry members.

58 | Members Listed by Business Category (Membership Directory, continued)

60 | Associate Member Listing – Council of Industry Associate Members (Membership Directory, continued)

66 | Advertisers Index »