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Cover: When HV Mfg first approached Sal Boutureira, of Newburgh’s SABO Industrial Corporation, to be our leader profile for this edition he had one question…

Cover photo by Tom LeBarbera/Picture This Studios

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Contents: Spring 2016 Issue

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3 | Table of Contents
Table of contents with hyperlinks to all articles.

5 | Letter from the Executive Vice President
Specialization and Customization.

7 | Manufacturing Briefs
A roundup of stories affecting Hudson Valley Manufacturers.

11 | A Passionate Entrepreneur
A sit-down with Sal Boutureira, Owner of SABO Industrial.

17 | HV Community Colleges
Working together to meet regional workforce needs.

21 | Deeply Rooted in the Hudson Valley
Ultra Seal Corp. is poised to remain and grow their contract packaging and manufacturing business in the Hudson Valley.

26 | The Future of the Car
A self-driving car is in our near future.

29 | Smaller Firms Customize to Compete
Small manufacturers in the ski industry are finding ways to compete with the big boys.

32 | Affordable Care Act: Good, Bad & Ugly
What’s working and what’s not for manufacturers.

35 | Membership Directory
A current listing of Council of Industry members.

51 | Members Listed by Business Category (Membership Directory, continued)

52 | Associate Member Listing (Membership Directory, continued)

58 | Advertisers Index