HV Mfg Magazine – Fall 2022 Issue

Letter From The President



Harold KingWelcome to the Fall 2022 Edition of HV Mfg, the Council of Industry’s magazine by, for, and about Hudson Valley Manufacturers.
We talk a lot about leadership these days – political leadership, leadership on the athletic field, in business, and many other areas. Over the past months we have seen the importance of good leadership and, seen examples of its impacts near and far.
Successful leaders come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. 12 months ago, few of us would even have known who the president of Ukraine was. Yet today we all know Volodymyr Zelenskyy and have been inspired by his Churchillian resistance to the overwhelming forces the Russian invasion brought to bear against his country. Contrast him with Queen Elizabeth II whose devotion to duty and quiet dignity helped shape her nation and the world for seven decades.
Every edition of HV Mfg highlights leaders and leadership to one degree or another, but in looking at the articles and profiles featured in this edition I could not help but see a theme of leadership running throughout the magazine.
The first example is the leadership profile of Viking Industries President Rich Croce. His intentional style of leadership is having a tremendous impact on his company and its workers as they embark on a significant expansion. A second example is a Q&A with Estefani “Stef ” Gil, an emerging leader at President Container Group. Stef is a recent graduate of the Council of Industry’s Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership (CML) program who is applying her newfound knowledge in her role at President. Speaking of the CML… 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the program and we take a look at its evolution and impact. Another example is the company profile of Magnetic Analysis Corporation, by Taylor Dowd. MAC is a family-owned company rich in history that is continuing to lead in the non-destructive testing industry.
Other articles include a story on automation by Allendale Machinery’s Marty McGill and another by Orange Community College’s Dr. Kristine Young on the emerging collaboration between the six Hudson Valley Community Colleges around workforce development and training (particularly related to advanced manufacturing). These too reflect the leadership innovation happening in our sector and our region.
Finally, we have our regular Fall features including news briefs, “What are You Reading,” and our Regional Manufacturers Resource Guide.
I would also like to express my sincere appreciation once again to the many organizations who placed advertisements in HV Mfg. Your support of the Council of Industry and this publication is, in its own way, a form of leadership as you are investing in our important mission to promote manufacturing in the Hudson Valley region and beyond.
I hope you enjoy this edition and thank you for reading.
Harold King

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